• 'Fuel is often one of the biggest
    operating expenses of any
    individual or organization.'
    SATTRAK Fuel Card solves that challenge
  • Significant savings eliminating fuel / cash
    pilferage due to collusion between drivers
    and filling station attendants etc.
    SATTRAK Fuel Card saves you cash
  • 'Our solution helps control fuel purchases,
    place restrictions to limit fraud
    and enforce usage guidelines.’
    SATTRAK Fuel Card gives you the control

Fuel Card with cost savings and convenience

Fuel is often one of the biggest fleet operating expenses – fleet managers can always be in control of fuel expenses through our Fuel Card Products/Solutions.

This solution helps fleet managers to gain control of fuel purchases, place restrictions to limit fraud opportunities and enforce usage guidelines.

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Why SATTRAK Fuel Card

It's easy. Make yourself perfect and then just paint naturally.


24 hour access to make fuelling purchase transactions via POS at fuel stations.


The card is naira denominated and can be used for fuelling transactions at fuel stations with POS terminals nationwide.

Cost Savings

Significant savings eliminating cash handling risks, fuel/cash pilferage due to collision between driver and attendant etc

So, what do you say?

With access to over 1000+ of service stations in Nigeria, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing theres always somewhere close-by to fill your tank.