How Sattrak Fuelcard Works

Sattrak Fuel Cards can help your business save up to 15% on fuel management expenses

Fuel procurement/management process is a major challenge for fleet owners; private and commercial as well as small or large fleets. Today, many fleet operators operate a manual, out-of-pocket and/or prepaid cash system that is costly in terms of cash handling and is also susceptible to gaps and encourages pilfering

Fuel Cards and Telematics

Sattrak Telematics offering allows fleet owners to access remote vehicle parameters such as mileage/kilometrage data (Odometer); fueling and fuel consumption data; geographic location/points of interest (POIs) and many more parameters.

These parameters enable excellent fleet management operations thereby facilitating cost reduction and remote monitoring of critical fleet data.

The integration of this telematics solution and the Sattrak Fuel card solution will provide enhanced value to prevent cash exchange and colluding between driver and fuel attendants, driver falsification of mileage data by throwing up exception data when it occurs.

This creates a secure system due to the real time reports from the telematics device. You now have two powerful systems to achieve comprehensive fuel management and help reduce operating costs related to fuel use

Cashless Transactions

Sattrak Fuel Cards can help your business save up to 15%* on fuel management expenses, while you gain tighter control of your spending and greater support from a leader in precision fleet solutions

So, what do you say?

With access to over 1000+ of service stations in Nigeria, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s always somewhere close-by to fill your tank.