Benefits of Sattrak Fuelcard

Monitor. Control and Reduce Cost.

Fuel Cards and Telematics


With Sattrak’s advance fuel card online platform, fuel transaction history, expenses reports and purchase are readily available allowing you to see in a nutshell the trends surrounding your fuel transactions which will help you make better decisions.


Security is key when it comes to fuel card usage; our cards are secured with the best technology for card services.


Continued patronage over time using the Sattrak fuel card guarantees discounts and rewards so that you save more.

The Ultimate Convenience

Our cards are universal and flexible which allows for their usage at ANY filling station with POS terminals.

Ease of payment

Improve the efficiency of your fleet with the option of paying with a card. It is safe, convenient and eliminates corruption that cash transactions encourage.

Dedicated customer service team and operations support

All card operations are operated by the Sattrak card centre team which consists of account managers and a back office processes office.  Every customer has a dedicated account manager assigned to them. The team is accessible through a dedicated email address:

Mileage check

The vehicle mileage is required before the completion of the transaction, this enables the customer to monitor the consumption rate of the car and address any anomalies in the event.

Offline Transactions

In the event of POS network failures, transactions can still be made using our mobile payment option.

Rewards & Loyalty

Mobile App

Mobile app available for EASY AND ON-THE-GO analysis.

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Transactions

Sattrak Fuel Cards can help your business save up to 15%* on fuel management expenses, while you gain tighter control of your spending and greater support from a leader in precision fleet solutions

So, what do you say?

With access to over 1000+ of service stations in Nigeria, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s always somewhere close-by to fill your tank.