Frequently Asked Questions

Security is key when it comes to fuel card usage; our cards are secured with the best technology for card services.

  • What is Sattrak Fuel Card Online?

    SattrakFuel Card Online is your business’ personalized online portal. You can simply and effectively manage all of your Fuel cards, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

  • Can I get reports on my fuel transactions?

    Yes, the Sattrak fuel card online software gives you access to pull general and customized reports.

  • How to apply for a SattrakFuel card?

    There are a number of ways you can apply for a Sattrak Fuel card – online, by printing and completing a Fuel card Application Form, or by visiting any of our offices. Log on towww.sattrakfuelcard.comfor more details.

  • Who can apply?

    Individuals or companies with one or more vehicles can apply.

  • What does it cost?

    A one-time fuel card cost – N1, 500 (Unbranded), N2, 000 (Branded) and a monthly charge of N250 naira or 3% of total transactions monthly only.

  • Can I change the PIN codes of my Sattrakfuel cards?

    Yes.Any time, you can change the PIN codes of your fuel cards using an ATM machine.

  • What is the offering?

    Prepaid cards only.

  • What do I have to key in to complete a card transaction?

    For each transaction, the cardholder has to key in his own pin code, current mileage/odometer and Fuel rate on the POS before a transaction can be completed.

  • Where can I use the fuel card?

    At any fillingstation with POS terminal nationwide.

  • What can I pay with my Sattrak Fuel card?

    Sattrak Fuel Card is approved for diesel & petroleum purchases only.

  • How can I optimize my fuel budget?

    Through our detailed reports from our online fuel application (see and the ability to set limits on the card, you can better control the consumption of your fleet.

  • I want to order a new card, what do I have to do?

    There are numerous options: You can visit our office or download the form on our website, just fill it and send it to our office or through the website. It is easy and fast.

  • I've just lost my cards, what do I have to do?

    You must notify Sattrak immediately and request cancellation of the Fuelcard and confirm thenotification in writing to Sattrak within 24 hours. You will not be liable for any unauthorised transaction of the Fuelcard made after written notification is received by Sattrak.

  • Can I apply for a card online?


  • How can I prevent unauthorized purchases?

    With Sattrak Fuel Card, you have the ability to set limits of purchases for each card.

  • What makes the Sattrak Fuel Card Solution distinctive from others on the market?

    The card is only approved for fuel purchases only, the cards can be set to limits for purchasing controls, the card requests for certain information such as current mileage to help keep track of fuel usage between the last refueling period and the next, increased security and fraud control, a variety of comprehensive reports from the online fuel card software and real-time account tracking.

  • How do I recharge or reload my Card?

    Various recharge options exists:

    • Direct credit from our Head office or any of our customer Service Centers
    • Electronic payments
    • Bank to Bank transfers
    • Cash/Cheque deposits into any of our bank accounts

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